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Systagenix Wound Management Awarded Research Grant

Systagenix Wound Management  awarded  research grant

Gargrave based, Systagenix Wound Management, has won a £500,000 grant from Yorkshire Forward, the Yorkshire and Humber regional development agency , beating over 40 companies in the region. The funding will pay for 25 per cent of all costs associated with the development of a new wound care product over a two year period.  The grant will also enable the Gargrave site to build relations with other relevant regional companies who will test and offer feedback on the prototype product as it moves through its developmental stages.  

Systagenix’s Vice President of Research & Development, Bill Pigg, comments;

“We are delighted to have won this award and are looking forward to using the grant to further drive wound management innovation at the Gargrave site.  Systagenix may be a new name in wound care, but the site has a strong heritage and we are very pleased to be recognised for the work we have done and the plans we have for making Systagenix the world’s leading wound care company.”

Systagenix Wound Management, whilst under the management of Johnson & Johnson, received a Yorkshire Forward Grant three years ago.  This was used to perform research into chronic wound healing and to analyse why some wounds treated with PROMOGRAN
 heal more slowly than others.  The work identified biochemical differences in the patients that healed more slowly, and provided evidence of what needed to be changed in the wound environment, to help patients heal more quickly and to guide clinicians in the selection of the right product based upon evidence.

“This latest grant will allow Systagenix Wound Management to develop a product that will be even more effective than PROMOGRAN
, and will heal a larger number of patients more quickly.  This grant will help us secure our position as the leading manufacture of active wound healing products, increase our product sales, and associated investment in manufacturing and Research & Development at Gargrave.

We are dedicated to growing and developing the Gargrave site to extend our position as a leading employer and provide clinicians with state of the art wound care solutions that really make a difference to the lives of the patients,” concludes Mark Kirkup, Vice President, Operations.

The funding from this round of Yorkshire Forward grants was part of the European Regional Development fund available for companies with more than 250 employees, and is designed to provide new employment opportunities in the region. The winning projects had to demonstrate a significant benefit to the region.


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